Gunnar Berstad is a design studio designing new furniture for producers. Its primary focus is on functional and unique designs that stand out from existing products on the market.

Something that separates Gunnar Berstad from other design companies is the unique educational background of the designer. Gunnar Berstad is an educated cabinettmaker and skilled technical college engineer in wood and furniture design. In addition, he has studied art and design. Gunnar also has experience as a salesman in a distinguished furniture shop in Oslo, Norway.

As a furniture salesman Gunnar quickly understood that expensive flats and apartments have changed requirements for consumers with respect to furniture. He observed a demand for smart furniture that is both functional and space saving, but at the same time with a design that was aesthetically pleasing to the customer. This is something the agency has incorporated into its designs.

Although the educational background of the designer is unusual, it has proved crucial in the development of designs and has provided an understanding of how to create products that are realistic and possible to produce.

Producers are welcome to contact Gunnar Berstad for a new concept modified to your personal specifications and criteria or select some of the existing products already designed. As a part of the process the company also prepares accurate scale models and sketches of products.


Gunnar Berstad
6783 Stryn, Norway
Tel: (+47) 41 50 72 32
Mail: mail@gunnarberstad.com

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